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I provide high quality editing and consultation services to help make your manuscript the best book it can be. But don't just take my word for it—see what my clients have to say!

"Every review on here is spot on in regards to Nicole's knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in the field!

I am a first time author of the soon to be published fiction/horror, "The Street Between the Pines." I was very apprehensive with my editor search, and... it was quite daunting to find the right person to champion my work. I had six first chapter sample edits from some of the top-tier freelancers, some of which were very expensive, and I went with Nicole, because she just blew everyone out of the water. Some of the other reviews will better illustrate this.


She is truly gifted at this work. If you're serious about publishing your manuscript and having the quality appear as if was published by one of "the big five," she will definitely help you achieve it. I will be finishing my second manuscript in the next few months, and she will be the only person I will go to for the edit!"
—J.J. A.

"So pleased I connected with Nicole. Her developmental feedback on my first manuscript made all the difference. I greatly appreciate her input and suggestions to improve the plot, creating a book readers would enjoy reading."
—Charlotte H.

"Excellent work and suggestions. Very easy to communicate with. Nicole is knowledgeable, caring and truly wants to help. She is a talented lady who will be a treasure to anyone needing her abilities, which are vast. I will use her again."
—Ralph Y.

"In addition to her excellent developmental and line editing, Nicole is also a skilled consultant. In cases where there were deeper problems with a story – a particular plot point just not working, a character who I was struggling with, or the entire structure of a story needing to be reworked – Nicole gave all the right notes and asked all the right questions to get me back on track. I always left our consultation sessions feeling far more clear-headed and motivated."
—Phil R.

"Nicole is a SUPER STAR editor and advocate for your story! When she committed to my project project, she truly showed she gave it her absolute all.


She remained professional and consistent in her communications and in her feedback. Her thoughts were very carefully crafted and attuned to the story. The way she conveyed ideas and suggested edits was very clear, succinct, and all were helpful to patch up the prose and plot of my manuscript. All of her feedback made sense and there was nothing superfluous or confusing about her feedback. All are in mind of publications and the market and what a reader will want to see or know, and when.


What I also appreciated about Nicole was her honesty and patience throughout the process... she was transparent and upfront with all of the work and investment during our contract together. She was very gracious and courteous, and always a fantastic communicator. She remained conscientious of budget and also made decisions with me every step of the way.


It was especially overwhelming to see how immersed in the story she became, and how much she advocated for characters and saw the bigger picture. She is a detailed, astute reader and writer herself and it really shines through in her work as an editor. You will not be disappointed. Her craft and professionalism are what any writer will dream of being able to work with!


For those considering hiring her: Nicole goes above and beyond to satisfy the vision of the writer and fulfill the goal of the contract. Many times I noticed she took the time and effort to research and be the best provider of advice and feedback as possible, in striving to be genuine and on the same page as the writer. She was transparent, blunt, and very kind in all communications, not just feedback but in messages... you will absolutely feel that she is a dedicated contractor and that choosing Nicole was the right decision for your project.


Thank you Nicole for your amazing work with my manuscript, and I wish you many, many more projects to take you far!"
—Natalie J.

"I hired Nicole to draft the synopses for my fantasy trilogy. She worked through the books very quickly, paying particular attention to my requests, with excellent communication throughout the project. I loved working with her and will definitely be reaching out to Nicole again when I complete my next book!"
—Nicola T.

"Nicole was an amazing beta reader for my WIP novel. Her feedback was intelligent, thorough and helpful at every step. In addition to savvy thoughts on the content, she was also able to give me "Elements of Style" - type feedback which will help me from making style/grammar mistakes moving forward. I will go straight to Nicole for help on my next project."
—Stephen S.

"Nicole has exceeded my expectations during the experience of working with her on editing my first manuscript. Nicole was understanding and held my hand through this process from start to finish. I really felt like she grew to understand and love my characters by how much she wanted the best for them and their story. She was as invested as I am in their success! I truly trust her.


Nicole went through my manuscript 3 times for developmental and content edits, each time providing a 12-15 page letter with full feedback on characters, settings, conflicts, etc. and areas of strengths and improvements. Additionally, I received a clean and edited document to show all the fine tuning she had done. I was beyond impressed with Nicole's attention to detail, from rephrasing/restructuring scenes and dialogue to finding minor grammatic errors. I appreciated her productive feedback. Rather than noting what was wrong and leaving me to wonder what to do, she provided solutions and examples for how I could strengthen the piece. Nicole has undoubtedly helped me become a better writer through her feedback techniques.


Nicole went above and beyond- answering emails regarding grammar questions, giving feedback on titles and back cover summary, making suggestions about beta readers and next steps for my manuscript. She was friendly, professional, and kind in all communication.


I am filled with gratitude to Nicole for her part in the creation of my first book. I would recommend Nicole wholeheartedly and hope to utilize her skillset in the future!"

—Tatum M.

"Nicole's feedback was articulate, thoughtful, and constructive. She replied promptly and thoroughly to the opening pages I gave her, and showed an excellent eye for detail and commitment to the work. I highly recommend her services."
—Lucy M.

"Nicole exceeded my expectations as a beta reader for my 100k-word novel. She gave thorough feedback, left highly-beneficial annotations throughout the entire work, and clearly demonstrated that she has impeccable talent and experience in editing long-form written pieces. She is intelligent, knows the publishing/literature industry well, and is very quick with getting her projects done without sacrificing the quality of her work. I would highly recommend her for your future project, and I hope to work with her again!"

—Jourdan S.

"Nicole was ahead of her scheduled deadline yet still provided me with a quality Beta Read. The feedback and suggestions were spot on. I would definitely hire her again."

—Juniper A.

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