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Are your opening pages engaging? Is your query hooking its readers? Are your craft and big picture elements reaching their full potential?


I offer a wide selection of editorial services, helping you navigate whatever questions you may face during your writing and editing process. 

Mike Y.

"Nicole is knoweldgeable, caring, and truly wants to help. She is a talented lady who will be a treasure to anyone needing her abilities, which are vast."


These rates are flat, not dependent on word count or samples.

30-Minute Phone Consultation: $45
Hourlong Phone Consultation: $90

Query Letter Feedback: $100

Outline Feedback: $120
Query Letter and Synopsis Feedback: $200

Submission Package: $300

These rates are based solely on word count.

Beta Read: $25 per 10,000 words

Editorial Assessment: $150 per 10,000 words

In addition to dependency on word count, many of these rates vary from project to project based on manuscript needs (as determined by a sample edit). The below estimates show the average quote range for manuscripts, using 10,000 words as a baseline.

Content editing: between $200 and $600 per 10,000 words
Line editing: between $150 to $400 per 10,000 words

Content and line editing: between $250 and $800 per10,000 words
Copyediting: between $100 and $200 per 10,000 words

Proofreading: $100 per 10,000 words (no sample required to determine quote)

Interested in working with me?  Just fill out my inquiry form, and you'll hear from me soon.

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