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This policy describes how I protect and make use of the information customers and site visitors give me. If you are asked to provide information, it will only be used in ways stated in this policy.

​Why do I collect data from you?

I gather and use certain information about you in order to:

  • respond to your requests for information (e.g. my availability or a quote for editorial services)

  • allow you to register for special offers

  • allow me to contact you while an editing project is ongoing

  • enable certain functions on this website

  • better understand how visitors use this website

What information do I collect from you?

I collect the following minimal information via the forms on my website:

  • name

  • email address

  • information pertinent to your enquiry (e.g. word count, nature of project, whether you're an author or an editor)

I use Visitor Analytics to help me understand how visitors use and interact with my site. Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service that measures traffic on my website and collects general information from  visitors. Visitor Analytics then creates statistics to improve the experience of my website visitors. Visitor Analytics never uses cookies for this purpose. As a website operator using Visitor Analytics to conduct reach measurement, and with Visitor Analytics' default privacy policy, I may process:

  • information about the device you are using and its characteristics

  • information about technical characteristics of the website visit

  • the number of page visits

  • statistically relevant behavior of website visitors


The technology does not use the collected data to identify individual visitors or to match the data with additional information about an individual user.

Depending on the location from which you access our website, Visitor Analytics may not collect any information about the device you are using due to its technical settings.

How do I use this data?

The data I collect is used as follows:​

  • To contact you in response to your enquiry, order, quote, special offer, or booking.

  • To record your agreement to the terms and conditions of my editorial services.

  • To better understand how and to what extent my website is used.

I will never use this data for marketing or promotion purposes without getting your permission in writing first (for example, publishing your feedback or testimonial on my site), or unless you have signed up to be notified about a specific offer. 

How do I use cookies?

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer’s hard drive that enables a given website owner to identify your computer as you view different pages on their website. 

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics, my method of tracking visitors on my website, does not use cookies.

Amazon Associates product links

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Most of the book links and images on my website include links to Amazon, which allow me to earn a small commission if you order my books from Amazon via those links. Special Links permit accurate tracking, reporting, and accrual of advertising fees. Amazon uses cookies to track purchases made on a user's browser via these Special Links.

How do I collect your personal data?

I collect and store minimal information via the following forms:

  • Services Inquiry form (via Wix)

  • General Inquiry form (via Wix)

I will never lease, distribute or sell your information to third parties unless you give me written permission to do so, or I am required to do so by law.

You can ask me to remove your data at any time.

How do I store your personal data?

The minimal information I collect is stored on the following data servers:

  • Wix. This is my website host, which is password-protected. You can access Wix's privacy policy here

  • Wave. This is the password-protected accounting app I use to send invoices. Your name, email address, and a project summary are stored. I also use this app as a payment option for editorial-service clients. You can access Wave's privacy policy here, their security policy here, and their terms of use here.

  • PayPal. This is a password-protected online payment service I use as a payment option for editorial-services clients. All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

  • Zelle: This is a password-protected online payment service I use as a payment option for editorial-services clients. All Zelle transactions are subject to the Zelle Privacy Policy

  • Escrow: This is a third party site I use as a payment option for editorial-service clients. holds and regulates any payments between myself and the client until the completion of our work together (at which point, the client releases the funds to me). This service helps improve the security of online payments and transactions, and it can help to reduce the risk of fraud and scams when people buy and sell goods or services online. All Escrow transactions are subject to the Escrow Privacy Policy.

How long do I keep your data for?

Because many of my clients work with me more than once, I do not delete data unless specifically requested to do so.​


Please ask if you want me to delete or amend your records. As long as I'm complying with any legal requirements, I'll action your request immediately.

With whom is your data shared?

No one, unless you request that I do so in writing, or HMRC elects to audit my business.


Contact me

If you have any questions or requests for modification or removal of your data, you are welcome to contact me. Just fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch soon.

Have a question, concern, or request?

 Please don't hesitate to let me know! Just fill out my General Inquiry Form below.

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