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This is where most authors start. A content (or developmental) edit is a deep, comprehensive evaluation of your manuscript intended to nail down big picture elements such as narrative voice, point of view, structure, scene vs summary, character arcs, major plot holes, tension, and much more. You'll receive a marked-up manuscript with page by page comments, suggestions, and example revisions, all accompanied by a detailed editorial letter with ten plus pages of feedback. Content editing starts at two cents per word, and since many authors benefit from multiple rounds of edits and revisions, I offer discounted quotes for any content edits following your first revision.


In many ways, line editing is the heart of the polishing process. It focuses on elevating your language through both grammar and style, addressing issues such as wordiness, unintentional shifts in tone, word choice, transitions, and run-on sentences. I will work line by line through your manuscript, making edits and leaving comments to strengthen your flow, fine-tune your rhythm and pacing, and make your voice as clear and consistent as possible.


Though I will pay attention to and sometimes even comment on content elements like pacing, plot consistency, or point of view, please not that these elements are not a requirement of line editing. If you are interested in more thorough, in-depth, and macro-level feedback of this type, check out my content editing options.


Also called "substantive editing," the content and line edit is my specialty--not to mention the most hands-on, time-consuming, transformative service that I offer. You will get content notes and line edits from the first page of your manuscript to the last. You will also receive an editorial letter of ten plus pages, chock full with commentary and suggestions on big picture elements such as character development, plot, and tension. Lastly, I will provide advice and feedback to help you improve your craft more generally, helping you better self-edit and revise for the rest of your writing life.

Due to to the time intensive nature of this level of editing, my availability for this type of edit is limited, and I accept such projects on a submission basis. Only the most serious and dedicated writers need apply.


Proofreading is the final stage of editing. It comes after copyediting, functioning as the last once-over your manuscript to eliminate any lingering errors. You will find editors speaking about proofreading in two different ways: before and after layout and typesetting. Though I personally recommend proofreading after typesetting to best ensure to nothing slips through the cracks, I can do either option, so long as we establish up front which you need. I'll point out typos, errors, plot holes, inconsistencies, and any formatting problems I come across, such as missing page numbers or incorrect fonts.


Before beginning work together, I like to start with a sample edit of your manuscript, typically 1,000 words. This sample helps me to give you the fairest quote and turnaround estimate possible for your project, while allowing us both to determine how our styles and visions align. You will receive an individualized quote after we have had a conversation about your editing needs and after I work with your sample.

With that being said, my rates usually fall within these ranges:

Content editing: 2 to 6 cents per word
Line editing: 1.5 to 4 cents per word

Content and line editing: 2.5 to 8 cents per word

Proofreading: 1 cent per word (no sample required to determine quote)

Samples are priced at the lowest end of these ranges, with an additional discount of 5 cents. For example, a sample content edit of 1,000 words would cost $15, and a sample line edit of 1,000 words would cost $10. Should you decide to continue working together following the sample, its cost will be discounted from your final quote.

Most authors will need to run their manuscript through all levels of editing. Please note, however, that I do not currently offer copyediting services. I specialize in content editing, line editing, and proofreading.


In addition, I prefer not to proofread manuscripts I've worked on with you already. I firmly believe that my job as an editor is to make your manuscript the best book it can be--and I've found that the strongest error-catching comes from a fresh pair of eyes. However, if you still wish for me to provide a proofread for your manuscript, let me know! I'd be happy to discuss options with you.

If you are interested in editing services for a partial manuscript, or if you have unique concerns or editing needs, please let me know! I'd be happy to customize a service with you.

Tatum M.

"Nicole has exceeded my expectations during the experience of working with her on editing my first manuscript...  I really felt like she grew to understand and love my characters by how much she wanted the best for them and their story. She was as invested as I am in their success! I truly trust her."


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